Welcome to my Lifestyle & Travel Blog

My name is Lindsey and I’ve been a Canadian Blogger for about four years now. I grew up in a small town of 900 people in BC but I’ve been living in Calgary for 12 years now so this is defiantly home!

I’m a proud auntie with four little nephews and when I’m not working or blogging, I like spending my time with them. Growing up I was always computer savvy but I never imagined where that would take me. After building my first website in high school I realized my passion for all things Social Media. Fast forward to where I’m at now, I enjoy writing and experiencing all things Lifestyle, Travel, Events and Beauty. Fun fact, I also enjoy helping other bloggers and businesses start their own companies with logos, branding and building websites.

In March of 2020 I started my first solo business which is called beautybylgshop and is geared towards beauty devices that you can use in the comfort or your own home. You’ll save time and money! Every six months or so, I will be adding more products in so stay tuned for more exciting products.

If you’d like to collaborate, chat more or get a quote on a website build, please email me directly at lgarrett89@hotmail.com