Hey I’m Lindsey and Welcome to my Lifestyle & Travel Blog

You might be wondering who I am so let me introduce myself. I’m a small town girl turned into a lover of all things city. Now hear me out, I still love going home to visit but for my day to day, I love having the amenities of the city. It wasn’t easy adjusting the first few years going from a town of 900 people to a city of 1.5 million however, there’s no where else I could see myself living… for the foreseeable future anyways.

So I’m new to the blogging world, starting with a public Instagram in early 2017… I kind of got my feet wet and with a lot of trial and error that’s where my journey began. From there I went on to create my website and since then I’ve got to work with some incredible brands. Some highlights have been W Scottsdale, Eldorado Kelowna, Quay Sunglasses, Cactus Club, L’Oreal, Benefit Cosmetics, and FabFitFun just to name a few. I’ve connected with so many other like minded bloggers, businesswomen, and entrepreneurs which has been a fabulous and eye-opening experience. It’s an incredible community to be a part of even when you are just in the beginning stages.

I started this journey because I was getting asked quite often where I bought certain outfits from, what makeup products I used, how I did my hair etc. and I was always so appreciative that people valued my recommendations. Now not to toot my own horn because there are so many incredible blogs out there but I thought why not share all that information in one place for all of you to access! This is where some promo codes come in handy, or it might even be as simple as swiping up on my stories to get more info and view deals.

I also try to share some of my everyday life in my IG stories, my travels, my family and everything else that you might request.

If you’d like to collaborate please email me at lgarrett89@hotmail.com

I appreciate you taking the time to follow me on all social media platforms including this blog and I hope that we get to connect sometime through email or Instagram.