Hi, I’m Lindsey and Welcome to my Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

So let’s get to it- I’m a small town girl, growing up in a tiny village of 900 people called Kaslo, BC. I moved to Calgary in 2007 to get a taste of the “big city” life after graduation and I’ve never looked back. Calgary has been home for so long now and I just love it here. I’ve come to find that it’s not the big scary city that I once thought it was, it’s a mid size city with small town vibes. I’m also extremely lucky that my parents are here as well as my sister, her husband, and my four little nephews!

I’m still new(ish) to the blogging world, starting with a public Instagram in early 2017, and since then I’ve got to work with some incredible brands. Some highlights have been L’Oréal, Benefit Cosmetics, FabFitFun just to name a few. I’ve connected with so many other like minded bloggers, businesswomen, and entrepreneurs which has been a fabulous and eye-opening experience. It’s an incredible community to be a part of.

I started this journey because I’m a pretty big personality and I was constantly getting asked where I bought certain outfits from, what makeup products I used, how I did my hair etc. I still love getting all those questions and I thought why not share all that information in one place for all of you to access! That’s where some promo codes come in handy as well so you can shop most my looks with the links I provide, and if they’re not there all you have to do is comment or DM me. Who doesn’t love a discount amiright?

I don’t particularly fall into one category when it comes to beauty and fashion. I could be in sweats, work clothes or maybe full glam, who knows! Boho Chic would be a top fav but it’s not an everyday look….. it really depends on the day and the mood I’m in. I love trying all clothes, skincare, testing all makeup (from Cover Girl to Armani and YSL) and sharing my personal thoughts with all of you so you don’t have to waste time or money on products that aren’t worth it!

I’ll also be sharing everyday posts (mostly in the stories section of my Instagram), my travels, my family and everything else that I think you’ll love.

If you’d like to collaborate please email me at lgarrett89@hotmail.com

I appreciate you taking the time to follow me on all social media platforms including this blog and I hope that we get to connect sometime through email or Instagram.