Blogger Resources

One of the biggest questions that bloggers get is how do you get started. Getting started can look a little different for each person but I always recommend starting at least two platforms that you post to regularly. For myself, I started with Instagram and my website and began reviewing products and businesses I already knew and loved. The key is to be patient, all good things take time and effort to build. Here are a new websites that might help get you started. 

1. Influenster – This was the very first website I collaborated with as I was getting started and getting my feet wet. You set up your profile, you will fill out little quizzes with different questions and then you will start qualifying for different campaigns.
2. AspireIQ – Paid and Unpaid. It’s a pretty great little website.

1. Linqia – As you increase clicks for your posts, your payment increases
2. Social Native – Pay for Instagram posts
3. #Paid – Pay for Instagram posts
4. Social Fabric – Pay for Instagram and Blog posts
5. Revfluence – Some are paid, some are trade. Pay for Instagram and YouTube
6. Activate, by Blog Lovin – Paid Blog Posts

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