The view from the new tower

The most beautiful ocean views are seen from this resort which is in the heart of Puerto Vallarta. What makes PVR stand out to me each time I visit is 100% the weather. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I’ve never had a bad experience with clouds or rain in that area. Unlike the Mayan Riviera it doesn’t seem to get a ton of rain and I love that it’s humid (even though it makes my hair kind crazy) because it always seems so much warmer than other parts of Mexico.So let’s get to the pros and cons of this resort. I like to think I’m a “glass is half full” kinda gal so naturally I’m going to start with the things that I enjoyed and then we can move into other details.

Like I said, the views from this resort are dreamy, we saw the most beautiful sunsets, the beach is stunning and the ocean was very nice. I loved that you can swim here, I heard that it can get some strong currents but it seems as though they were monitoring that with flags! We also saw whales from shore which I thought was super cool, even a few baby whales 🙂

More Pros:
-Only 10 minutes from the Airport
-Very clean public bathrooms throughout the resort
-Falcons came around to keep the birds away (birds are a big issues down there and they can swarm some resorts if not protected by Falcons)
-No need to dress up very fancy, the resort is pretty laid back
-Lots of beach huts so you can have sun and shade
-Two Beach Bars
-The rooms were very well kept and clean in the new tower we stayed in
-Lots of resort activities including water aerobics
-Lots for kids to do, two kids pools, a big water slide, a play area and daycare area. I do not have kids but it looked very nice
-Staff didn’t speak much English but they tried very hard and were extremely nice
-Very close to other restaurants if you wanted to go eat dinner off the resort, you can cab or Uber

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good all inclusive resort for the fact that you don’t really have to think about meals and drinks however, I don’t think this resort is worth the extra spend for those services unless you really don’t mind eating very basic, average food. The cool thing about this resort is that you can choose from either just the hotel prices or you can do the all inclusive prices. Could it be worth it for the drinks? Maybe!

Now before I move onto the cons I just want to say that I feel like I would be doing a disservice to anyone looking at booking this resort if I wasn’t completely honest about the these things. When we plan a vacation, often it’s the ONE beach vacation we’re going to get in that entire 365 days and with that, it’s important to book something that matches your expectations. For some people the food and drinks don’t matter as much, they might care about the views, the weather, the cleanliness etc. For others, I’m sure they do care about the food, the atmosphere, and the amenities.

So here’s some cons that you should know.

The food isn’t great. I knew that going in because my wonderful travel agent at Evexia Travel told me and I had also read honest reviews online about this. It’s hard to describe what I mean by that but basically the only thing I could liken it to would be a hospital’s cafeteria. There’s no flavor, not very much variety and you just don’t really ever feel that satisfied. What I did really enjoy was breakfast- they had these awesome little omelette stations set up and lots of bacon so breakfast was definitely my favorite time to eat. The Japanese restaurant was so terrible that we actually had to leave and go out for dinner off the resort so just do yourself a favor and don’t go there. No A/C, very hot in that basement and only wine to drink the rolls were ok for the appy but the mains were not really even edible.

More Cons:
-They do not offer bottled water around the resort. If you want it, you have to order it to your room and you only get one per person, per time you ask for it. We tried tipping and asking for more but they said it was a strict policy so we did feel like we were always needing more
-The beds were extremely soft and uncomfortable in our room however, on the last day we met a couple who said their bed felt new and amazing so this could just depend on the room
-The staff does not speak very much English, some of the front desk staff does but when you call to ask for anything they get very confused. I will say they do try thought and in some ways it was nice to have more of that authentic experience. Where we found it tough was that one of us had allergies and they couldn’t understand them, even after writing them out in Spanish
-The pools and nice and very clean however, they were pretty small and crowded
-The locals that work on the beach were very nice, we bought several things and enjoyed massages but they were defiantly relentless. You had to say no thank you at least three times before they would move on. And trust me when I say I am not shy but I wanted to be nice, it just was hard to relax some days
-No disco at the resort as advertised, we tried to find it one night with no luck and then we found out it shut down years ago. The map has not yet been updated
-Lots of locals staying at this resort which I thought was great but they didn’t seem to feel the same way, lots of bad looks and they seemed to be very annoyed with all the snow birds staying at the resort as well

With all of this being said… I have came to a wonderful conclusion to who I feel this resort is truly meant for. If you are very easy going, budget conscious, not overly concerned about meals and just there to enjoy the beach, pools, weather and alcohol, THIS IS FOR YOU! I also think this resort would be wonderful for families who don’t have much money to spend but still want to take the kids away and not break the bank while doing it!

It’s my opinion that this resort may at some point be downgraded from 4 stars to 3 or 3.5 but the things they are doing well, they are doing really well. They are extremely nice, extremely clean and have the most perfect beach setting.

If you or anyone you know are considering this resort and have any questions that I didn’t answer, please reach out to me or Evexia Travel to help you answer them. Also, if you need help planning your next trip, near or far, I highly recommend Evexia Travel for all of your travel needs.

Thanks for reading. XO Lindsey

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