Living a “public” life. Why and Why Not?

Living a “public” life. Why and Why Not?

“What does living a public life mean, is it worth it, does it make you nervous, why would you choose to do that and do you ever have to deal with negative opinions or feedback”

These are some of the questions I’ve been asking over the past year since I’ve had a public Instagram profile and since I started blogging. Here’s my personal thoughts on this topic and I will explain why I feel the way I do.

Having a public profile is SCARY and I’d say that most bloggers out there would agree with me. Why is it scary you might ask? It’s scary because you’re open to a lot of criticism, people you know and people you’ve never met get to pick your life apart as you serve it to them on a silver platter. They might love your photos and the content that you’ve created or they might hate it and either way, they keep following you. It’s crazy how one post can be incredibly inspiring and what someone needed to read that day while other people might strongly dislike or not understand it. That’s why…. you either need to have thick skin or develop it real fast. It’s survival of the fittest and by fittest, I mean… the ones who are not phased. Next, we have the risk of people stealing your photos, they might take the photos that you’ve found on Google or Pinterest (which is fine) or they might take photos of you and pretend to be you on fake accounts which to me is TERRIFYING. Additionally, if you post photos of your kids, your family etc., random strangers can also take those. I always tell everyone in my life, if you have kids, please be safe about it. Don’t post locations, the names of their school or sports clubs, you never know who wants to track them down and harm them. It’s sad we have to think like that but it really isn’t hard to do anymore. I’m very careful when I post about my nephews, on Facebook they are private posts that only my friends can see and on Instagram, I do not put locations. If it’s a one-off it’s fine, for instance, if we’re at a pool or arcade that’s fine as long as don’t frequent those places often. Protect yourself but most importantly protect the people who can’t protect themselves.

Now once you get past the criticism, the identity thief and the predators… half kidding… but not really… There are some really great parts to living this life. I feel free, after years of hiding my personal life, scared of criticism and judgment I’m now an open book! It feels so refreshing in an “IDGAF” kind of way. The people I have in my life now are extraordinary, we’re such a tight group and I treasure these friendships very much. In my younger years, however, I worked in hospitality, I traveled, I partied, I made a lot of friends and I also moved on from some, if not most of them. Some of those people were living unhealthy lives that I didn’t want to be around while other friendships fizzled out naturally as we moved onto different parts of our lives. Was I the best at communicating? No. Was I the best at taking the high road? No. Do those categories leave room for judgment? Yes. Now let’s take into consideration that I was young and I hadn’t learned all the life lessons I needed to yet, nor did I have all the tools that I do now. Regardless, ages 20-24 were very big learning years for me, as I’m sure they are for most. At that time, you think you’re grown but you look back as someone who is only a year away from 30, you realize that the person you were then and the person you are now are worlds apart. Being proud of the person I am now makes me confident in my choice to live more publicly and I hope that if you’re reading this and are considering blogging or opening your profile to “public” that you absolutely should. This is your sign to get out there and do it! People are going to think what they want so get out there and live your life the way YOU want to, on your terms.

Another part of blogging that I’ve really loved and that I didn’t expect is the community of boss babe bloggers that support each other. Most of these girls I’ve never met in person yet they cheer me on daily. Some strangers will support you more than your closest friends and family. I get to talk to people from all over the globe daily and weekly, how cool is that? We share ideas, we collaborate and best of all we spread the love.  

Live your Life, Be a Good Person, Eat your Veggies, try to Work Out and most importantly, don’t live life being scared of other people’s thoughts and opinions. Xo

4 thoughts on “Living a “public” life. Why and Why Not?

  1. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog post and I wanted to let you know it was beautifully written. I agree there is an extensive list of “what ifs” with putting your life in plain site. I am also a new blogger so I cannot say too much about the blogging community, but from what I have seen so far it is super supportive. Keep up the great posts, and I’ll see you around in the blogging world! 🙂

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  2. It takes thick skin to write about something that’s precious to you when you know you could be rejected. But that is what makes us who we are. But that first leap of faith can open so many doors. Who we are and what we know can help people in ways we cannot even imagine.

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