Get Stampede Ready with Me

Get Stampede Ready with Me

Most of y’all know, Stampede is right around the corner and for many of us, that means complete chaos for 10 straight days. Read along to hear how I prepare mentally and physically. No matter what your role is this year, you should start preparing for this, maybe you’re right in thick of it, bartending at a busy tent or bar like I did for many years or maybe you have a lot of events, concerts and rodeo fun planned. Either way, you don’t want to find yourself trying to purchase outfits or tickets last minute.


The first thing you need to do is decide quickly what concerts you want to go to and purchase tickets (like yesterday) because most are probably sold out by now. Next you will want to buy rodeo and/or grandstand tickets as those tend to either sell out or there becomes very few left with good seats. Now after you figure out the main events, where do you want to go, are you planning on being at the big tents like Cowboys? If so, I suggest going online and purchasing Chute Passes or you can also buy Fast Passes at the door which usually run about $100 a person to skip the line. If you plan on being there a lot and you have a few of you, splitting a Chute Pass is your best bet. No one, I repeat no one in their right mind (over 30) wants to wait in the lineup which can take anywhere from 1-5 hours to get into that tent, or maybe even longer.


Now that we have the important things taken care of, what are you going to wear? It’s probably going to be +30, now add some humidity on that and you walk into a beer tent with no AC and hundreds of other people in there…. you will be moist. Yes, I said it…. MOIST! Ha. Your outfit choices must be carefully thought out, you don’t want to be wearing too much, you don’t want to be naked and most importantly, you don’t want to be sweating thru your entire outfit. I tend to stick to summer dresses (long or short), jean shorts and tank tops. Be careful though, no silk unless you want to be completely wrinkled and wet the entire day/night. I know everyone loves to wear cowboy hats too but unless it’s ADORABLE on you and breezy….. You probably don’t need it. Plus, none of us look that cute in them anyways. This is also a great time to invest in a great pair of cowboy boots (if you don’t have any yet)! I wear mine every single day of Stampede… why you might ask? Because the Stampede grounds, Nashville North, Cowboys and all other bars and tents end up having the stickiest floors. Beer and drinks are inevitably spilled everywhere.


Now last but certainly not least, pamper yourself! Regardless if you are partying 1 day or all 10, you wanna feel good. Get your tan, lashes, hair, nails, and toes done the week leading up to Stampede because when ya feel good, ya look good.
*I heard that somewhere and I’m 92% sure that it’s true* 😉

Happy Stampeding Friends no matter how small or large your role is this year. Me personally, I have rodeo tickets and will be partaking in other fun Stampede parties at the Stampede grounds, Nashville North, and Cowboys! Maybe I’ll see some of you there. xo

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