Jifu Travel

What is Jifu? We are a Wholesale Travel Company that has launched globally!

Would you like to save money on travel going forward? Did you know that Expedia and Priceline actually own almost all of the online travel industry and therefore, they set all the rates? Pretty wild hey! I had no clue until I discovered Jifu and started doing my in-depth research on the travel industry.

I always knew that booking with Expedia could save me money but I didn’t realize just how much they marked up the wholesale prices they were receiving, not to mention all their hidden fees that they don’t tell you about until you are about to pay and you already have your hopes up so you book anyways. With Jifu Travel, we offer 20-70% off sites like Expedia and Priceline. We show you the entire price, including taxes and fees. And we also show you the live, real-time price comparison to other travel sites so you can see with your own eyes. You can also book worldwide, and choose the currency you prefer. We make money off our members just like Costco and Netflix do and we leave the lowest prices for you to access at any time.

So there are a few ways you can access our incredible prices, I will break it down for you and then you can click on the link you think is right for you.

1. A free Buddy Pass – This gives you access to our website for a full SIX MONTHS for FREE! We get a limited amount of these to give out each month so please only activate yours if you are planning on using it. You will have access to absolutely everything other than flights and cruises. You will save 50% of what members do. Example: If you book a hotel and you save $500, by becoming a member, you will save $1000.

2. Become a Member – This is a smokin hot deal! Think Costco, you pay a membership fee to be able to purchase their food, home appliances etc at a majorly discounted price. That is the exact same program that we’re offering. You pay to play but you save SOO much. You pay a one time fee of $50 to join, and then just $25 a month going forward, the best part is that you also earn points on all the travel you book and can use those points for free travel. On my first hotel I ever booked with Jifu, I booked for three nights in Scottsdale and I saved $711 off the Expedia price. So you can see that even if you only need to book once or twice a year, it’s very much worth it. Another added bonus that we give you is five free buddy passes per month that you can share with your network, this gives them free access to Jifu for six months and they can upgrade to become a member anytime to see 50% more savings and to gain access to flights and cruises.

3. Become an Affiliate – The only difference in being a Member or an Affiliate is that as an Affiliate you make money as well. If you don’t care to make extra money and get lots of your travel for free, being a member is the best option for you! If you want to travel a ton for free and make lots of extra income, being an Affiliate is the best option for you. The packages start as low as $100 as well so it’s kind of a no brainer to me! We don’t have any high-pressure sales or minimum monthly sales you need to meet so it keeps it fun.

If you’re anything like me, you’re saying goodbye to travel agents, and all public online travel websites and saying hello to Jifu Travel forever! Keep in mind that Jifu travel deals are updated all day, every day depending on the availability at hotels and resorts so the closer you are to your trip, the better deal you could potentially see. If you are open to staying almost anywhere, all you need to do is pick your area, the star rating you want and it will show you incredible deals! A trick that we have learned is to choose the best deal on the hotel and then to ask for a free upgrade at the hotel, they might not always do it for free but they will certainly give you a good deal whenever possible. You might see a deal on a 5 star hotel one day with 70% off and it could be gone the next day. We work off availability and the hotels and resorts constantly wanting to sell out their rooms!

Please email me directly with any questions you might have at lgarrett89@hotmail.com

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