Deep in the Rocky Mountains, about 45 minutes from Canmore Alberta, there’s a remote cabin that will have you shocked with it’s remarkable beauty. It’s been said that Mount Engadine is one of the best kept secrets of the last 32 years! That’s right, this Lodge was built in 1987.

The toughest choice I had all weekend was to stay in a cabin or a glamping tent and with the name “glamping” I just knew I had to try it out. This term is a combination of the words glamorous and camping and that really was the case. This adorable little glamping tent came with a fire place, couch, and a tiny bathroom (yes a flush toilet, sink AND SHOWER)! And, from someone who grew up roughing it in tents, I’m not sure how I will ever go back…I might be ruined forever haha.

So here’s how to works, after you choose your accommodations, everything else is taken care of. They include Breakfast, Lunch (which they pack up daily for everyone to enjoy so you can go explore outside), Tea Time in the afternoon which is UNREAL and comes with Tea, Coffee, a full Charcuterie Board, Sweets and then Dinner and Dessert. What I found even better than just including one option for everyone, they actually accommodate all dietary preferences from gluten free, to vegetarian and vegan. I personally try to eat gluten free when I can as gluten really hurts my tummy so having everything gluten free was a dream. I really loved how all the guests hang out in a “family style” eating area as well because with no cell service you are actually forced to talk to everyone which has really become unheard of these days. We met a couple from Texas who have been coming back for the past 30 years when there was only one cabin and there were no actual bathrooms in the lodges yet!

This place really caters to anyone who wants or needs some time away from work where you can actually unplug because there’s no service and the WIFI only has about 1 bar in the main cabin… it basically doesn’t work at all and honestly IT WAS A NICE BREAK! As someone who lives on her phone and laptop I was actually forced to relax for 48 hours. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to have service again but the forced break was something I didn’t know that I needed. Most people come here to explore the outdoors so bring your snow shoes and/or cross country skis if you have them. There are a ton of trails and they tell you how many km’s they are so you can choose what is best for you. After you get back to the lodge, you can jump in the wood burning sauna to warm up or sit by one of the many fire places. We spent most of our time cozied up by the fire drinking coffee…. and let’s be serious, lots of wine.

You can bring your own liquor or also purchase it there, it isn’t included due to the liquor license but it’s very fairly priced.

5 Reasons why you need to visit this remote Lodge in the Canadian Rockies:

1) You need to unplug for a weekend and not be distracted by your phone and work! We are all guilty of neglecting our family. Usually the spouse and kids feel it the most.

2) Spending time in this gorgeous mountain setting reduces stress and forces you to reset your brain and energy.

3) You deserve one on one time with your spouse and/or kids with no distractions, plus isn’t it even more relaxing when you don’t have to cook 🙂

4) THE FOOD! Okay so maybe you don’t think of getting away for the weekend just because of the food but it’s seriously worth it. The food was mind blowing.

5) The activities… Snow Shoeing, Skiing, Hiking, Phat Biking and Sledding, they have all the winter activities that you could ever hope for!

To learn more about this beautiful lodge you can visit their Website or Instagram

Thanks for reading

XO Lindsey

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