It’s been ONE YEAR!

The first day back at work is always the toughest after vacay, right? I’d have to agree with that although there’s also a big part of me that loves getting back to my routine. Routine and structure is something that I need in my day to day life, it makes me the most productive, best version of myself! I do the exact same thing daily… AM Cardio, Work, Gym(weights), Blog, Sleep. Everything right down to my meal plan is repetitive and I like it that way. Speaking of the gym and meal plan, that’s only been my reality for the past year. Before that I was lucky, genetics were on my side and although I ate fairly healthy, I didn’t worry too much about what I ate. I barely ever did any meal prep or followed any sort of nutritional guidelines. So last summer, July of 2017 I just realized I wasn’t feeling my best. My clothes were getting smaller and tighter, I was always tired and I went from a being a fairly active person to doing almost no activity or fitness at all. It’s weird when you get to that point, I felt kinda helpless. I wasn’t sure how to get started on a proper training and nutrition plan but I knew I wanted and needed to make some changes. I decided that getting a trainer would be the best option for me. Someone who could motivate me, keep me going and help me through all the phases I imagined we’d go thru. Someone who could help me shed body fat, gain muscle and teach me all the basics of lighting weights PROPERLY! When I thought about all the wonderful trainers I knew, I decided that Jill Johnson would be the best fit for me. I’ve known her since middle school and I thought if there’s anyone who won’t judge me and my lack of fitness knowledge and experience, it would probably be her. When we started I felt so embarrassed of how I had “let myself go” in my mind, of how physically weak I was, how I could barely do basic movements, how everything had to be modified and how quickly I was fatigued. Not once did she sigh, roll her eyes or give up on me. We pushed through it, we did the modified movements until I could graduate to the next step and phase. It was exhausting both physically and mentally, I didn’t always want to be there, I didn’t think my body would change and worst of all, I had a lot of negative self-talk going on in my mind. It was very hard to face the fact that this was my new reality. It was healthy and I wasn’t happy.

Flash forward ONE YEAR and so much has changed, the fact that I’m posting this photo in my bikini is a huge step for me. Yes, we had to take about 30 photos and out of those photos, I only found one that I was ok posting but the fact of the matter is that I am posting it and I’m posting it with a big smile on my face. Here’s what has changed so far…

I’m down about 12% in body fat

I’ve gained quite a bit of muscle

I’m starting to gain my confidence back

My negative self-talk has turned to POSITIVE SELF TALK

I’m no longer doing anything assisted and am able to lift A LOT more

I went from following guidelines with my diet to being on a strict meal plan that I measure and weigh daily

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere near the finish line. In fact, I feel like I’m just getting started! It took an entire year for me to get my mind right, my diet on point and for me to be this committed. My promise to myself is that I will not give up, and I’ll keep pushing forward daily. I have had setbacks, I have had cheat meals, I have wanted to quit but I won’t! My goal is to be in the absolute best shape of my life by my 30th birthday which is next year so here I am, putting it out there in the world. Maybe by then, I’ll be ready to post my “before and after” photos because, at this point, I’m still not ready. I still have lots of work to do and that’s ok. I will get to where I want to be and for anyone reading this thinking they can’t and who makes excuses, you are wrong.

Thanks for reading, XO LG

Full Disclosure: I am not in anyway shape or form qualified to give any fitness or nutrition advice. Everything I know I’ve learned from my trainer who went to school for years for fitness and nutrition. If you are looking for a customized fitness or nutrition plan please contact Jill. She offers in person and/or online plans. It’s SO important that you get a plan from someone who is qualified and who actually makes you a custom plan. All of our bodies are so different and we all need something different.

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