Quay Australia is taking the sunglass industry by storm…..

About two or three years ago I started seeing these sunglasses online and they looked SO EXPENSIVE. I loved them immediatley but was convienced they were going to be over $500 a pair because they were stunning and celebs all over the world were all about them. I wanted them so badly that honestly I think I was willing to pay anything to get my first pair.

When I went online to their website I was actually blown away…. I think they were only $65 USD so I ordered them! I couldn’t take them off and I was getting so many compliments… maybe that’s exactly why I didn’t want to take them off, ha. I felt so confident and beautiful and I think most people will agree that they feel the exact same way in them, no matter what shape or style.

Now I’m definatley not one of those people who is *extremley carful* with things… I mean.. I try to be but I just so happen to be clutsy and drop almost everything. I was worried that they might not be durable but I was also wrong about that. Luckily for me, they have been dropped (by accident) several times and they are still in tip top shape.

My two favorite styles are the Highkey and Hindsight… I wear them both so much and have them in several different colors. Fun fact, did you know that JLo wears the Hindsight sunglasses in her music video. She’s such a babe!

Want to hear something else that’s pretty cool…. when you go to the website, on the top right hand corner, there’s a spot that says “try on” so you can find your perfect fit before you purchase!

To shop Quay Australia, click here



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