Do you ever hear whispers about something and wonder if it will actually live up to your expectations? I’m so guilty of this. Sometimes it does but I feel like more often than not, we’re left thinking ” that wasn’t that great”.

So to give you the quick back story, we decided to take a girls trip to Scottsdale this past weekend because I’m turn the big *cough cough* 3-0 *cough cough* on April 19th and all of us had heard such wonderful things about Scottsdale and everything it had to offer, including, the W Scottsdale which is one of the hottest hotels there! I had imagined it would be beautiful but also much like most other hotels as far as the vibe and everything it had to offer. WRONG!! Wrong in the best way. This hotel is full of life, the restaurants, the staff, the pool, no detail was over looked. We stayed three nights, from Thursday to Sunday and arrived a bit late on the Thursday because our flight was delayed. They greeted us just as someone would, chipper and happy to see you in the morning. They were so good about recommending places to go depending on what we needed, and I think we might have checked out every single recommendation at that… mostly for the Birthday celebrations! They also treated us to an incredible doughnut wall, which I have to say was a first for me. Think fruit loops but on a doughnut, so much yum. It was a very nice touch!

I feel like it’s difficult to narrow down what I liked most so I’m going to tell you about a few of my favorite parts. THE POOL….. yes, I’m yelling and it’s necessary. The pool was spectacular!!! I loved how it was in the middle of everything and had a glorious amount of lounge chairs, tables, booths, etc. You could go up to the bar and grab drinks or there were also servers who came around often who you could order drinks and/or food from. This made it so easy and convenient to just hang out all day and enjoy ourselves, not having to get all dried off and lose our spots just to go eat. I really liked that option, one day we had breakfast and lunch at the pool and I regret nothing hehe. The other wonderful thing was there were tons of umbrellas that they would help you move around if you wanted more shade and for those of us who are very pale and don’t tan often, the umbrella was a huge win! This area also turns into a little bar area in the evening which was adorable, complete with little fire pits and everything.

Next there was the lobby bar which when we were there had live music every night- so cool! There’s lots of cute seating options and again, so much energy. I loved that you could sit at a table with friends, or also at the bar. We ended up making a lot of friends in this area!

The final part I just haveeeee to tell you about is the restaurant, Sushi Roku it was probably one of the most delicious Sushi restaurants I’ve ever been to. Not to mention, they heard it was my Birthday and they took such great care of us, it was very thoughtful and I felt so special.

We also really loved that this hotel is located right in the heart of Old Town which we learned quickly is the place to be. So many restaurants, lounges and bars a stones throw away, and I personally feel like spending a bit of extra money to be in walking distance to everything is was much worth it. We loved walking around and checking everything out, we even did a bit of bar hopping!

Overall I was truly blown away, this hotel exceeded my expectations by a long shot and I couldn’t have imagined spending my Birthday weekend with my besties anywhere else. Everything about the W Scottsdale was impeccably clean, well taken care of and most of all, it felt so warm and welcoming. Thank you again and I can’t wait to come back.

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